At Blackburns we have systems in place that guarantee reliability, orderliness and your satisfaction. We call this Blackburns’ Peace of Mind Experience.

blackburns-servicetruck1.     Listening. Our service technician will understand your needs before starting your service.
2.     Punctuality. We arrive on time and ready to work.
3.     Cleanliness. We will not leave a mess in your home.
4.     Trust. We recommend only what’s needed to protect you, your family and your home.
5.     Documentation. We will digitally document any needed repairs so you can clearly see any damage.
6.     Expertise. We will provide recommendations to solve any problems or defects.

It is the mission of Blackburn’s Chimney Sweeps Inc. to provide customer service, repairs and products to the Columbus Ohio area that are so superior that we will remain the standard by which all our competitors will have to measure themselves.