Bad Weather Leads To Leaky Chimneys

Waterproof your chimney with chimney caps, masonry repair, flashing, or even a complete reconstruction with the help of your friends at Blackburns Chimney Services. 

Schedule with us before you get stuck with a leaky chimney!

Areas to be evaluated include the cap, crown, house seams, brick and mortar joints, shoulders, and flashing provided we can reach the chimney with a 32-foot ladder. Downspouts and gutters can allow too much water to accumulate at the chimney. Grading of the yard can cause leaks in the firebox. Improper venting of the furnace and hot water tank can cause water issues and condensation issues as well. The basement and attic areas of the chimney will be evaluated if they are accessible.

Our technicians will run a camera inside the fireplace chimney to determine if water has damaged the interior components and to verify that the system is usable.

We have found that a complete evaluation is needed to help pinpoint what areas of the chimney are a problem and to avoid continued water leaking and irreversible damage. Don’t wait, schedule your service today! 

It is the mission of Blackburn’s Chimney Sweeps Inc. to provide customer service, repairs, and products to the Columbus Ohio area that are so superior that we will remain the standard by which all our competitors will have to measure themselves.

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